Volunteer Activities

Drug-Free World is a volunteer organization. The Foundation headquarters produces the Truth About Drugs program materials and arranges for these materials to be printed in quantity so that they can be distributed free of charge.

The Foundation does not, however, employ staff in local areas. Volunteers use the the Truth About Drugs program materials to educate people in their communities about the destructive effects of drugs.

To be a Drug-Free World volunteer requires only that you order the materials, familiarize yourself with them and start using them! All we ask is that you keep us informed of your activities. In particular we LOVE to get photos of your work. We would like to post your stories and photos on our web sites so that others can see your good work.

In the future the Foundation plans to publish volunteer “how-to” guides with step-by-step suggestions for volunteers to use. In the meantime, as our Chapter grows we will use our mailing list to keep people informed of Truth About Drugs program events and activities, including yours!

Volunteer Information Form

If you have an activity or event for which you could use the help of other volunteers, please use the form below to let us know about it. Also let us know if there is anything else you feel we might be able to help you with. (Note: You must fill out each field in the form.)