Baltimore Children Pledge to a Live Drug-Free Life

The Maryland Chapter of Drug-Free World visited the children and young adults of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Franklin Square of Baltimore in March 2107. The children watched a documentary about the dangers of drugs narrated by former drug addicts. There was lively discussion about the things that can happen to a person when they start taking drugs and how quickly one can become addicted.

After the discussion the students signed a Pledge to live a drug free life, to encourage their friends and family members not to take drugs and to help educate others about the dangers of taking drugs. Each student received several Truth About Drugs booklets to read and to distribute to friends.

The youngest children, many not yet able to read and write, were very receptive and most interested. These youngsters were shown the Drug-Free World Marijuana documentary and eagerly participated in the Question and Answer period.

The Boys and Girls Club leaders were very gracious and appreciative and invited the Maryland Chapter of Drug-Free World to come back in the summer when they have camp.

Drug-Free World Maryland is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping eliminate drug abuse in our state by providing effective drug education materials for use in our communities.